Clinical Pharmacists

The Grove Medical Centre have 4 Clinical Pharmacists

  • Salma Etman
  • Aida Babanari
  • Jay Patel
  • Nipa Patel

Benefits to patients

Patients often get to consult with pharmacists for two or three times longer than a doctor due to current GP workload intensity, eg 20–30 minutes, which they appreciate.

Medications are checked regularly and are appropriate for patients’ conditions, and this improves wellbeing and quality of life if reviews have previously been too infrequent due to unmanageable GP and nurse workload.

This reduces the likelihood of conditions worsening or leading to other complications and side effects that result in a future need for acute care. 3 All prescribers in the practice can learn from the clinical pharmacist and therefore use increasing medicines knowledge and expertise to improve patient treatment

Benefits to the wider NHS

Closer monitoring and management of patient medicines improves their care, wellbeing, and their ability to self-care and manage their own conditions. This reduces avoidable urgent or emergency hospital attendances and the risks of medicine-related side effects.